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Lacreme Bakery Cafe

Baked with love

There is a strong enthusiasm for baking. Every one of our handmade goods is lovingly and painstakingly baked.

Lacreme Bakery Cafe

Delivery on time

Commit to provide freshly created products to each and every customer on time, and we are quite prompt.

Lacreme Bakery Cafe

Fresh Ingredients

We promise that all of our goods are created fresh using only the best ingredients for baking cakes and products.

Classic Cakes

Premium Cakes

Special Cakes

Lacreme Bakery Cafe Rasmallai Cakes
Lacreme Bakery Cafe Block Forest Cakes
Lacreme Bakery Cafe Berry Chantilly Cakes
Lacreme Bakery Cafe Cookies and Creams Cakes
Lacreme Bakery Cafe - Two Tier Birthday Cakes

Elevate Every Celebration

with Our Irresistible Cakes

In addition to being tasty, our cakes, pastries, drinks, and desserts also make ideal gifts for milestone milestones like anniversaries, marriages, and birthdays. They smile and make other people happy.

Two Tier Cakes


Any queries about our services

For clarification, please call or mail us, and a member of our staff will answer all of your questions.