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What We Offers?

Two-tier cakes are elegant and grand, ideal for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries. With their towering presence and intricate designs, they leave a lasting impression on guests.
We provide cakes with or without eggs for our clients based on their specific requirements. We fulfill the unique request of certain customers who want our two-tier cakes to be eggless.
We’ve made mouthwatering confections that satisfy our customers for over ten years. If you’re searching for the best two tier cakes for any kind of special occasion, get in touch with us.

Every layer is a taste canvas, embellished with a rainbow of colors and rich textures, offering a unique sensory experience. A bright pleasure delivered in a single tier with our Colorful Textured Cake. This work of art is ideal for any occasion and is certain to delight the senses both visually and gustatorily.

Sophistication of Paris by indulging in our one-tier Paris Theme Cake. This cake is a delicious celebration of the City of Light, adorned with typical Parisian components such as lovely streets, macarons, and motifs of the Eiffel Tower. Ideal for any situation where a little French refinement is wanted.

The earthy beauty of our cake with a natural texture. This charming creation promises a taste of simplicity and elegance with its earthy aesthetics and artisanal appeal. With every bite, layers of delicious, moist cake are revealed, accented by a delicately textured finish that honors the splendor of the natural world. This cake is perfect for any event where subtle sophistication is essential and is guaranteed to make an impression.

With our music theme cake, you can create a perfect symphony of flavor. This work of art is a feast for the senses, combining delicious flavor and stunning design with musical notes and instruments. This cake is the ideal treat for any music enthusiast, a delightful song just waiting to be enjoyed.

The whimsical nature of youth with our adorable one-tier Elmo cake! Elmo, everyone’s favorite fuzzy buddy, is shown in this lovely confection, grinning broadly above a delicious slice of moist cake. Ideal for birthday parties, baby showers, or any occasion where a little Sesame Street magic is appreciated.

Beautifully decorated with vivid purple tones and beautifully made edible butterflies, this delicious treat makes a captivating centerpiece for any occasion. Savor the well-balanced combination of delicious flavors and elegant design, which turns every moment into an exquisite delight.

Delicious blend of cool melon and deep chocolate flavors. This cake is a mouthwatering treat for any occasion with its rich melon icing and layers of chocolate-infused goodness. Enjoy your celebration in style with this delectable dessert that will definitely satiate your hunger and leave you wanting more.

Luscious treat is a flavor and flair masterpiece, meticulously and passionately crafted. Our champion cake will steal the show with its great flavor and gorgeous presentation, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion. Savor layers of rich fillings, smooth icing, and moist cake that come together to form a symphony of sweetness. With its unparalleled elegance, our one-tier champion cake will elevate your celebrations.

Elegance meets sweetness in this one-tier cake with a butterfly theme that will make you flutter with delight. Any event will soar with this captivating design, adorned with delicate fondant butterflies and a riot of color.

Savor the delectable taste of the sea with this charming one-tier Baby Shark cake! This adorable cake, which is decorated with adorable underwater scenery and the well-known Baby Shark figures, is guaranteed to be a hit at any party. It’s a bite-sized delicacy that’s ideal for birthdays or baby showers, and everyone will be singing “Baby Shark, doo doo doo doo!”

Scoop up a one-tier birthday treat! With each bite, this small yet exquisite cake offers a symphony of flavors and a moment of joy. Carefully created with affection, it’s a charming memento to commemorate the happy event.

Lacreme Two Tier Cakes

Beautifully decorated with a detailed cake, created to commemorate a special woman’s birthday in style. This exquisitely constructed cake, featuring layers of tender cake and rich icing, will surely provide a touch of refinement and sweetness to any birthday party.

A teddy bear cake is a charming confectionery masterpiece, perfect for birthdays or baby showers. It features two layers of cake decorated to resemble teddy bears, with the lower tier serving as the bear’s body and the upper tier as its head. The fondant or buttercream icing is skillfully sculpted and textured for a furry appearance.

Experience the ultimate celebration with our Sweet 16 theme cake, crafted with precision and delightful decorations. Each tier offers a symphony of flavors, creating a memorable centerpiece for your sweet sixteen festivities. Enjoy traditional vanilla or decadent chocolate flavors, making your milestone moment unforgettable.

Spiderman cake is a visually stunning confectionery masterpiece of two layers featuring of cake decorated with intricate web patterns and cityscape detailing. The upper tier features a lifelike Spiderman figurine, making it a perfect centerpiece for any Spiderman-themed celebration. This two-tier cake is sure to impress both children and adults.

Our space theme cake is a gravity defying dessert featuring a mesmerizing galaxy of handcrafted fondant planets, twinkling stars, and soaring rockets, perfect for celebrating cosmic occasions like birthdays or graduations.

Our soccer themed cake is a masterpiece of featuring intricately crafted fondant soccer balls, vibrant green field icing, and personalized touches. Perfect for birthday bashes, championship victories, or gatherings of fans, it kicks off festivities in style.

With creepy spiders and elaborate webs on top, plus ghosts and terrifying pumpkins on the bottom, this Halloween cake has an ominous design that will chill your spine. It is ideal for throwing a delicious scare or a haunted party because it is made with layers of creamy chocolate and velvety vanilla.

Cake is a blend of elegance and extravagance, featuring intricate golden embellishments and moist, decadent layers encased in rich buttercream frosting, perfect for celebrating life’s most cherished moments in style and sophistication.

This two-tiered dinosaur cake features intricate fondant detailing of T-Rexes and Brachiosauruses, a lush prehistoric landscape, and a dramatic volcano. Perfect for birthdays, themed parties, or any dino-loving occasion, transport guests back in time for a Jurassic feast.

A Two Tier Butterfly Cake is an elegant dessert with two layers of cake, each slightly smaller than the other, creating a tiered effect. Often decorated with intricate butterfly designs, it’s perfect for special occasions like birthdays or weddings, adding a touch of beauty and sophistication.

Savor the deliciousness of a two-tiered vanilla baby shower cake decorated with lovely fondant to symbolize a baby’s happy arrival. Each layer whispers tales of love and anticipation, and the soft vanilla sponge promises a moment of exquisite fulfillment with every bite. A perfect focal point to celebrate the impending birth of a joyful kid.

Enjoy the sweetness of a vanilla baby shower cake with two tiers and beautiful fondant decorations honoring a baby’s happy arrival. With every bite, the tender vanilla sponge promises a moment of perfect ecstasy, while each layer whispers stories of love and anticipation. An ideal focal point for commemorating the approaching birth of a happy child

The piece of art honors the harmony that exists among animals in a lush forest. With painstakingly created fondant animals in a variety of colors of green, from magnificent elephants to amusing monkeys swinging amid lush vegetation, each layer depicts a tale of vivid life.

Our Two-Tier Animal Theme Cake is a delightful celebration featuring two tiers of moist cake with charming fondant animals, perfect for birthdays, baby showers, or animal lovers’ celebrations. It leaves a lasting impression and creates cherished memories.

Indulge in the sweet delight of a two-tier birthday cake! This decadent confection features two layers of moist, fluffy cake, each adorned with luscious frosting and decorative accents. Perfect for celebrating any special occasion, its towering presence adds an extra touch of elegance to your festivities. Whether it’s adorned with vibrant flowers, elegant piping, or whimsical designs, this two-tier birthday cake is sure to impress and satisfy every sweet tooth.

Spreading Happiness

It’s all about a balancing act between time, temperature, and ingredients. That’s the art of baking.


With our cakes, we will kick off your festivities!

“Cake is happiness! If you know the way of the cake, you know the way of happiness! If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look any further for joy!”
– C. JoyBell C.

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